Giddens Burge ask the right questions so your business understands how, and when, to use the appropriate models.

Giddens Burge will work with you to improve and create value for your organisation through leveraging off tangible and intangible assets, measuring value by a product's performance characteristics and by its attributes for which customers are willing to pay.

We will assist you to discover and define your core competencies thus distinguishing your ability to maximise these competencies to give your organisation a competitive market edge by adding unique value in a good or service. Giddens Burge cover the critical areas of business operation:

Andrew Buchanan-Smart
  1. Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness
  2. The Internal Organisation
  3. The External Environment
  4. Business Level Strategy
  5. The Corporate Strategy
  6. Issues, Crafting and Evaluation

We will look at your workplace culture with a view to creating resources from within your workplace, defining your key success factors and establishing their use to maximise efficiencies.

Giddens Burge will examine your value chain to maximise or leverage off your primary activities, from raw resource to final customer, in order to maximise efficiency and create greater value without increasing costs.

Our a strategic forward thinking approach will provide you with a step by step execution plan that maximises short, medium and long term gains.

~ no stone left unturned ~